Haskamot – Letters of Approbation

Haskamot – Letters of Approbation

The author with his Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Peretz shlit"a

The author with his Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Peretz shlit”a

The book “Yehi Shalom” has received Haskamot from some of the greatest Rabbis of Jerusalem and the world:

Haskamah - Rabbi Yaakov Peretz shlit"a

Haskamah – Rabbi Yaakov Peretz shlit”a, Rosh Yeshivat Midrash Sepharadi, Rosh Kollel Hechal Pinchas, and Rabbi of Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

Haskamah - Rabbi Shlomo Kassin shlit"a

Haskamah – Rabbi Shlomo Kassin shlit”a, Rosh Yeshivat Midrash Sepharadi and Rabbi of the Bucharian Quarter in Jerusalem

Haskamah - Rabbi Avi Kozma, Chief Rabbi of the Republic of Macedonia

Haskamah – Rabbi Avi Kozma, Chief Rabbi of the Republic of Macedonia










An English translation of Rabbi Yaakov Peretz’s Haskamah:

With the help of Heaven – My assistance is from Hashem, Creator of Heavens and Earth

Approbation to the book “Yehi Shalom”

I hereby wish to acknowledge and cherish the prestigious alumni of our Yeshiva “Midrash Sepharadi” of the Jewish Quarter, which is adjacent to the site of our holy Kotel.

The Chacham [the author] walks on the path of straight, is of sweet ways, is pleasing to the people and is also pleasing to Hashem – the honorable Torah scholar Rabbi Yonatan Halevy shlit”a, Rav of the Sepharadic Kehillah of San Diego, California.

He acted upon his heart’s desire to compile a work on the laws of Pesach and Kashrut. According to what has been made known to me, the book is written according to Halachah with accurate explanations and my hands support his fully.

I hereby bless him: May it be the will of HaKadosh Baruch Hu that you be successful and wise in all your endeavors, and you shall merit to spread and glorify the Torah; and to draw close our brothers of the holy flock, the holy nation of Hashem, to Torah, awe of Hashem, proper character traits and integrity.

May you merit to publish many more valuable books which will be of benefit to the public, through which you shall uplift them to great heights in Torah and awe of Hashem.

I hereby affix my signature to give honor to the Torah to those who immerse themselves in her,

Eved Hashem Yaakov ben HaRav Yosef Peretz

Jerusalem, May She Be Built Speedily In Our Days

Today, the Second of Adar II 5774

The book is named “Yehi Shalom” (יהי שלום) – Yehi (יהי) is the acronym of Y’onatan Y’akov H’alevy(י’ונתן י’עקב ה’לוי) . Shalom (שלום) is the name of his honorable father.