Contents of Yehi Shalom

Intended Audience​
About Stringencies and Leniencies​
Arguing With Rabbis​
Who Is Worthy of Writing a Book?​

My Rebbeim​
My Friends​
My Students​
My Family​
My House – My Wife​
The Creator of the World​

1. ​Maran: Our Master Rabbi Yosef Karo​
The Golden Age of Spain​
From Portugal to the Ottoman Empire​
The Maggid​
Tzfat and the Renewal of Semichah​
The Shulchan Aruch​
The Title Maran​
Maran’s Character​
Reaction to Maran in Ashkenaz​
The Relationship Between Maran and the Rama​
Other Giants of Ashkenaz​
In Conclusion​
A Story​

2.​ Halachah: To Be Stringent?​
Halachic Observance Today​
Excessive Opinions​
Understanding the Question​
You Add, You Lose​
Faulty Fences​
The Strength of Permission​
Distancing Jews from Judaism​
Kosher Pigs and Non-Kosher Chickens​
Physical Danger in Stringency​
Following Halachah Is Not Leniency​
Practical Halachah​
Closing Story​
Sometimes More Is Less​

3.​ Sepharadim and Ashkenazim on Pesach: Defining Differences​
The Difference​
The Unity​
A Brief List of Halachic Differences​

4.​ Tevillat Kelim: Mikveh Immersion of Utensils​
The Source​
Talmudic Discussion​
The Rule of Immersing Dishes​
The Obligation to Immerse Utensils​
The Prohibition of Using Utensils before Immersion​
One Halachah – All The Details​
Materials That Do Not Require Immersion​
The Blessing When Immersing Utensils​
Practical Halachah​
How To Immerse A Utensil​
Immersing Electric Appliances​
A Partial List of Utensils Requiring Immersion​

5. ​Kashering Dishes​
The Source
Talmudic Discussion​
The Rule of Kashering Dishes​
Torah Prohibition and Rabbinic Fence​
Halachic Conclusions​
Utensils Used With Fire​
Utensils Used With Hot Foods​
Utensils Used With Cold Foods​
The Hierarchy of Kashering Utensils​
Utensils That May Not Be Kashered​
Kashering Items From Meat to Milk​
Utensils Not Made of Metal​
Utensils of Wood, Stone and Bone​
Ceramic Utensils and Earthenware​
Glass Utensils​
Practical Halachah​
Other Opinions Regarding Glass​
How To Kasher Utensils With Multiple Uses​
Practical Halachah​
Methods of Kashering Utensils​
Five Rules of Kashering Utensils​
Partial List of Utensils and Their Kashering Methods​

6.​ Analyzing Various Pesach Customs​
The Importance of Following Customs​
The Definition of a Custom​
Customs That Contradict Halachah​
Not To Follow Prohibited Customs​
Abolishing Mistaken Customs​
Practical Halachah​
In Conclusion​
Gebrokts or Matzah Shruya – Matzah With Liquids​
Practical Halachah​
In Conclusion​
Details for Those Who Are Stringent​
Kosher for Pesach Cakes, Cookies and Bread​

7. ​Buying Food for Pesach​
Kosher By Ingredients​
Kosher For Pesach By Ingredients​
Practical Halachah​
Even Ashkenazim Can Rely On Maran​
Reliable Kashrut Certifications​

8.​ Sensitive Ingredients and Nonedible Items​
Chametz and Seor​
Chametz Nokshe​
Rauy L’Achilat Kelev​
Shoe Polish​
Hats and Clothing​
Milk and Eggs​
Dried Fruits​
Citric Acid​
Insect Coloring​
Closing Words​

9. ​Yashan and Chadash: Old Is Better Than New​
The Source​
The Ruling of the Tur​
The Ruling of Maran​
Opinions That Arose In Places Of Difficulty​
Leniency of the Or Zarua​
Leniency of the Tosafot​
Leniency of the Taz​
Reaction to the Taz​
Leniency of Rabbenu Baruch​
Reaction to Rabbenu Baruch​
Leniency of the Rama​
Reaction to the Rama​
The Leniency of the Bach​
Reaction to the Bach​
Other Lenient Opinions​
Food For Thought​
Additional Reading​

10. ​Brief Biographies of Rabbis Mentioned in Yehi Shalom​